Final[5]: Mythical Cities performance, Theatre enCorps

Mythical Cities Performance by Ana Sánchez-Colberg | Athens Intersection

Final[5]: Mythical Cities is the closing event in the series of J(us)t 5 outdoor interventions around the concept of five.

In Final[5]: Mythical Cities, cities built, transformed and lost collide with the urban here and now, hustle and bustle of Agia Irini Square in Central Athens.

An outdoor intervention around the concept of five- a performance of five minutes, repeated five times, starting at 18:00 for 4 audience members (+ dancer makes 5), in a 5m area.

J(US)T 5 exposes the dialectics between a series of oppositions: the personal/intimate, the public/private, the indoor/outdoor, a private dance in a public space, a city audio walk experience - without walking. The events examine the notion of the ‘act’ in relation to micro-spaces (intimate/personal/familiar) and the larger macro-space of the polis and the globe.

Audience members are asked to contact Theatre enCorps at ana[at] to reserve a space with audio equipment in any of the slots.
It is also possible to participate by downloading the audio into a personal mobile device, available through SOUNDCLOUD on the morning of the event:

Concept, design & Performance: Ana Sánchez-Colberg
Sound score: Ana Sánchez-Colberg

Performance Series Curator: Thanos Vovolis

Final[5]: Mythical Cities
Theatre enCorps
Agias Eirinis Sq, Athens

Mythical Cities Performance takes place parallel to Secrets exhibition, as a part of the Athens Intersection Cultural Program.
Athens Intersection: Curated by Georg Georgakopoulos, coordinated by Fotini Kapiris, Performance series: curated by Thanos Vovolis.
The exhibition is hosted by My Odyssey, member of the Hellas Group premium travel agency, specialized in exclusive, high quality travel services.

Mythical Cities Performance by Ana Sánchez-Colberg | Athens Intersection