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Sally Heard.athensintersection

Sally Heard, “Forget me not”, installation
23 Vyssis str., “Iliopoulos” store balcony
1.4 - 22.4.2017

In our present world we are witnessing a devastating demise of hand crafted products and specialist retail outlets. Mass production has destroyed many craft industries dealing in ceramics, tailoring, wood and metal work, cobbling, glassworks, etc, etc  the list goes on. Here in the shop in Vyssis, opened in 1970 by the Iliopoulos Brothers, the majority of products sold such as door handles, lock plates, stoppers etc are beautifully crafted in brass, ceramic or steel  made in Greece and Italy.  Sadly,  many shops specialising in crafted products are facing hard times with  giant international producers dominating the world market with sub standard goods at a quarter of the price.

In Forget Me Not Heard has created a scene on the shop’s balcony using shop mannequins dressed in vintage tailored clothing from Athens and carrying a banner. The banner, historically and to this day, is used in protests to send clear messages of discontent. In this scenario the message is clear; we have been and still are skilled at our work  - Quality over quantity - Don’t Let That Change!  Support Small Businesses!

Athens Intersection presents a series of cultural interventions based on the Athens Commercial Triangle Revitalization Program. Art installations and performances are hosted in shops and storefronts of the Athens Commercial Triangle at three Zones, Zone 1: Vyssis - Kairi street, Zone 2: Agathonos - Karori street, Zone 3: Chrysospilitisis - Nikiou street.
Athens Intersection: Curated by Georg Georgakopoulos, coordinated by Fotini Kapiris, Performance Series curated by Thanos Vovolis.
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Sally Heard, Forget Me not. athens intersection

Sally Heard.athensintersection